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XADO Luxury Drive 5W-30 SYNTHETIC

Smooth-running synthetic motor oil. It is used in cars and small trucks. Contains REVITALIZANT®.

Due to the high concentration of Nanocomponents REVITALIZANT® on oil XADO Luxury Drive any engine work reliably, longer and better than new.

The use of oils XADO Luxury Drive on a new engine for optimum burnishing (without loss of metal in the shavings), and keeps it the ideal state for the whole period of operation.

On the engine with mileage oil XADO Luxury Drive due to its regenerative capacity eliminates defects and heal surfaces.

The requirements and tolerances

meets the requirements of the specifications:
ACEA C3-A3 / B4 
meets the requirements of car manufacturers:
BMW Longlife-04Ford M2C-917-A
GM dexos2GM-LL-A-025 / B-025
MB 229.51VW 502 00/505 00/505 01


  • Designed for the latest engine designs;
  • Specially designed for efficient engine with high power density and high requirements for exhaust emissions;
  • Effective for vehicles with injection system (Common Rail) fuel injection pump and injector (Pumpe-Düse);
  • Guaranteed maintains superior performance at extended drain intervals;
  • It extends the life of the catalyst, particulate filter.


When using oil, consider the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer.


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