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XADO LX AMC Black Edition 5W-30 SM/CF

Premium ultra-modern light-flow synthetic oil with synergistic formula AMC It is used in passenger cars and small trucks.

For the production of XADO LX AMC Black Edition 5W-30 SM / CF oil, the following are used:

  • Synergistic formula of revitalizant 1Stage AR, metal conditioner (CM) and 2D sliding agent
  • Best base synthetic oils
  • Ultra-modern package of additives EXPAO

The latest package of synthetic additives EXPAO provides a prolonged interval of work of viscous, antioxidant, detergent-dispersant and other additives. What gives an ultra-high stability of oil characteristics.

The molecular "bearings" of metal conditioner (CM), increase the reliability of lubrication and strengthen the lubricating layer during peak loads. In critical conditions of cold start, start-stop, KM retains protective oil-polymer film on the friction parts of the engine.

Thanks to the 2D gliding agent, it provides particularly light sliding of the parts relative to each other in the oil. This allows you to achieve even greater fuel economy.

Megadosis revitalizant 1Stage AR RF [33.3] for the first time allowed the oil not only to compensate for the current wear, but also to repair the engine. Now the XADO LX AMC BLACK EDITION oil restores power and acceleration, raises and levels the compression in the engine cylinders.

  •  Effective for modern cars with uprated engines, including multi-valve, turbocharged, intercooled, direct-injection, catalyst
  •  Manufactured according to "mid SAPS" technology and provides increased service life of exhaust gas and particulate filters
  •  It is a "long life" oil, used in engines with extended replacement intervals
  •  It is recommended for use in engines Euro-4 (tolerance MB 229.31)
  •  It is recommended to be used on a new engine for optimum run-in (without loss of metal in the chips) and maintains its ideal condition for the entire service life
  •  Thanks to a 2D slip agent, it significantly increases fuel economy by reducing friction losses, especially when starting the engine and idling.
  •  Specially adapted for operation at elevated temperatures in LPG engines (Liquid Petroleum Gas).
  •  Raises the compression in the cylinders, increases the power and throttle response of the car.

Requirements and tolerances

Meets the requirements of the specifications:
ACEA C3-A3 / B4 


Fulfills the requirements of automakers:
MB 229.31BMW Longlife-04
Renault RN 0700VW 502 00/505 00

Detailed specifications


It is used for gasoline engines of cars, minibuses and light trucks.


When using oil, observe the recommendations of the engine manufacturer.

Technical information *

Density at 20 ° С, kg / l0,844
Viscosity at 100 ° C, mm2 / s12.3
Viscosity at 40 ° C, mm2 / s74.3
Viscosity at -20 ° C, mPa s6280
Viscosity index164
Flash point, ° C215
Pour point, ° C<-36
Sulphated ash content, wt.%0.8
Alkaline number, mgKOH / g7.6
* Typical indicators


Tin can 4 L - article HA 22273